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5′ 1″ / 155cm Kehlani


5′ 1″ / 155cm Kehlani


Full TPE 155cm with hot blue eyed nerdy girl looks.



Get Kehlani who is made from TPE, the best for life like attributes, and enjoy every second you spend with her. We were fooled by those Librarian eyes too, she’s a little shy and won’t take her clothes off until she knows she is yours and yours alone! TPE allows for a natural look and a natural feel which only enhances the experience. TPE also allows for a greater life span. With top of the line materials Kehlani gives you the quality woman you’ve always wanted.

With flexible joints you can move and bend Kehlani to your hearts desire. No position is out of reach.

Height: 155cm

Breast: 74cm

Waist: 56cm



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